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painting showing the motor tanker Macuba at sea in 1931

Adolf Bock (1890-1968)

Motor Tanker Macuba in 1931

Size: 11.5" x 18" (29 x 46cm)

Watercolour, signed and dated 1931

Price £1,990

Provenance - label on rear suggests painting was commissioned by Shell (ship's trial June 1931)

Adolf Bock was born in Berlin on 05/08/1890. He became a leading maritime artist and his paintings are now held in museums in several countries. He lived and painted in Germany, Finland and Sweden. He had a good knowledge of ships from working in the Navy before moving to Finland in 1919 and then working for shipping companies, publishers and journals. In 1939 he returned to Germany and became a Professor of Fine Art in 1944. He spent his later life in Sweden and died in Helsingborg on 13/01/1968.

History of The Macuba - The Dutch Oil company, Shell, operated the Macuba for many years. She was launched in 1931. She was hit by enemy fire and badly damaged in 1943. There was a munity in 1945. The ship was scrapped in 1957. See for further information. Also, please see or search Macuba Shell on the internet.

original watercolour painting of the Macuba
painting of motor tanker Macuba passing a sailing boat
technical information for the Shell owned Macuba