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old painting of family feeding a turkey in Italian kitchen

Eugenio Zampighi (1859-1944)

The Hungry Turkey

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old painting showing the Quai des Celestins region in Paris around the year 1870

Paul Lecomte (1842-1920)

Quai des Celestins, Paris

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bridge over the Seine, Paris

Christopher Wood (1901-1930)

Bridge over the Seine

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watercolour painting of two 15th century ships in battle

Charles E Dixon (1872-1934)

The First Battle of Our First Queen

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busy festival in Venice

Sir William Russell Flint (1880-1969)

Venetian Festival

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Interruption of nuns by the sister at Bolton Castle

William Russell Flint (1880-1969)


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oil painting of the lighthouse at Montauk Point, Long Island, New York

Gifford Beal (1879-1956)

Montauk Point Light

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Promenade des Anglais, Nice, on a stormy evening

Francois Gall (1912-1987)

Promenade des Anglais, Nice

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oil painting of a gondola in a Venice canal with a hidden mouse

Terence Cuneo (1907-1996)

Moored Gondola, Venice

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oil painting of girl looking out from window seat

Clewin Harcourt (1870-1965)

The Window Seat

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painting of a squire on a galloping horse

Godfrey Douglas Giles (1857-1923)

The Galloping Squire and A Rum One to Follow

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painting of the red squirrel being carried by girl and his brother looking guilty

John Emms (1843-1912)

The Red Squirrel

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portrait of artist's sister, Anna Zinkeisen

Doris Zinkeisen (1897-1991)

Portrait of sister Anna, 1927

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White flowers in a glass vase

Cecil Kennedy (1907-1997)

Arrangement with Hellebores

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coastal village in the South of France with fishing boats and people

D'Oyly John (1906-1993)

Cagnes sur Mer, near Nice

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two Thames barges on shingle, near Maldon

Gerald Robert Tucker (1932-2016)

Thames Barges on The Shingle, near Maldon

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